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: a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc.

Origin: In the early 20th century mojo meant voodoo or magical power. More recently, this has been extended to mean power or influence of any kind.

MojoHost's Most Popular

MojoHost's Most Popular Products 15 years in business.
Thousands of satisfied clients and billions of happy surfers!

Virtual Private Servers

Fast SSD or Big Storage HDD


per month, and up
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  • Fast Setup
  • Top Quality Server Hardware
  • Blazing FAST Network
  • VPS Management Available
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Dedicated Servers

Bare Metal Servers


per month, and up
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  • Fast Setup
  • Top Quality Server Hardware
  • Blazing FAST Network
  • Server Management Available
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Global CDN

Content Delivery Network Services


per month, and up
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  • Aggressive "Everyday" Pricing
  • Integration & Support Included
  • Fast Global Content Delivery
  • Rapid Deployment
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Performance Networking

MojoHost owns and operates its own global network and IP Space, ASN 27589. We peer and exchange traffic directly with dozens of networks at various internet exchanges. As measured by the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis, MojoHost is directly connected to the worlds largest network providers. With more than 250 Gigabit of global connectivity, we are the "real deal". Our cutting edge routing platforms ensure the FASTEST connection to surfers around the globe with proactive route monitoring and on-the-fly adjustments in response to an ever changing internet.

Uncompromising Infrastructure

Name brand server hardware, top tier bandwidth and next generation routers are building blocks for reliable service. Trained data center technicians work on-site at each location while management and systems administration teams reside in our Michigan operations center (NOC) for seamless global operation.

White Glove Move Assistance

Changing web hosts is scary and a lot of work. There is good news, though! If you choose a fully managed product from MojoHost, we are professional movers. We have moved thousands of customers and tens of thousands of web sites to MojoHost. Our sales team and support engineers are unbelievable client advocates. Let us design a solution that fits your budget and creates space for your dreams to become reality.

Love Your Support

We staff our support center with highly trained, in-house experts all day and night. No out-sourced, low-level support! You'll rest easy knowing that we'll handle issues quickly, happily and without budget breaking costs. With more than 15 years in business and 16 *REAL* industry awards for hosting excellence, your decision to make MojoHost home could not be any safer.

Miami, Florida

Who We Are

We are a passionate group of talented system administrators. We work hard because we love what we do, and hard work is a core value at Mojohost. We take pride in 99.999% uptime and put in the work to make it possible. A self-funded company that's been profitable for more than fifteen years, we have the depth of experience and resources to support you through thick and thin. We'll happily sell you a new server, but we'll also work with you when you need to reduce your budget.

What We Believe

Whether we're working to recover from a major disaster or just adding an email account, every ticket deserves our utmost effort and attention. We encourage our customers to reach out to us regularly. We firmly believe that we only succeed when you succeed, and you will be our first priority. We invest heavily in new infrastructure and services for our existing customers, not just in acquiring new accounts. We have always put our money where our mouth is, and provide clients with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our history proves we retain clients for the life of their business. Let us show you the Mojo!

Complete Service

More than Managed!

Lots of hosting companies offer support. Some even offer managed support. At MojoHost we offer a higher level of management. Our team of U.S. based hosting and software experts work around the clock to make sure that your servers and services remain online and available.

Our proactive support monitors the latest software vulnerabilities and exploits. We'll reach out to you when important patches are required and take care of applying updates at the best time for your business.

While some customers enjoy us for wholesale unmanaged infrastructure, many MojoHost customers use us as their entire operations department... even customers with dozens of servers. At any time, day or night, just pick up the phone to call us or open your browser to to obtain support online. After working with our team, you'll agree that we're more than managed. No matter what level of IT department you have at your disposal, we can meet you at your level of experience to get the job done right.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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  • Always Available

    International: +1 248 233 2045

    Toll Free: +1 888 345 6656 (MOJO)

    Fax: +1 248 281 0323

  • Our Headquarters

    30300 Telegraph Road, Suite 110
    Bingham Farms, MI 48025

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