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MojoShield Web Application Firewall

MojoShield volume plans and product benefits

MojoShield has been an amazing addition to MojoHost's suite of products, with many customers happy to see an affordable way to protect their websites from DDOS and other attacks. However, for some customers with larger and more varied website portfolios,…

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MojoHost Awards

January Tradeshows and Awards Aftermath

January brings with it some of the most productive, informative, turbulent and exhausting tradeshows of the year. XBIZ LA 2020, InterNext 2020, and Affiliate Summit West 2020 have all been attended by the MojoHost rockstar management and sales team members.
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What Is The Noction Platform

What is the Noction platform?

MojoHost is using Noction - an Intelligent Routing Platform that helps optimize traffic routing, bypass congestion and outages, monitor the global network and automate border gateway protocol, which means that things function better and information gets to its destination faster.
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Is VPS Your Hosting Solution?

With a virtual private server, you have the affordability of a shared server and all the control of a dedicated server that is only for your business. That’s because you have full control over all the settings and there is more privacy between the people who share the storage space.
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