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How The Internet Works - World Fiber Networks MojoHost

How the Internet Works: World Fiber Networks

We all know from school-level physics that there is nothing faster than light, as far as we are aware, in the whole Universe. Thanks to optic fibers, emails reach us in a matter of seconds, and we can watch HD videos. But one big question remains: how does this magic work? Hold on tight, we are starting the exploration at light speed!
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Log4J Vulnerability And MojoHost

Log4J Vulnerability & MojoHost

The recently discovered vulnerabilities in the widely used log4j library has caused a massive effort to upgrade affected software across the web. At MojoHost, we have already taken stock of how this affects our own services and our customers.
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The Big Don'ts Of SEO

The Big DON’Ts of SEO

Your website will be seen if search engines detect it and rank better than your rivals. Many factors will influence SERP positions, which will help your website appear within the first several pages of search results.
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Types Of DNS Records And Terms

Types of DNS Records and Other Terms

DNS records are confusing, so here's a simple guide on what the most important ones do, and how DNS propagation works. This blog post includes information essential to domain owners, and links out to a wider overview.
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MojoCloud For ElevatedX

MojoCloud + MojoCDN Bundle for ElevatedX Sites

MojoHost and Elevated X have partnered on a new "MojoCloud+MojoCDN" bundle, allowing for elastic storage and great scalability so you never run out of storage space, never need hard drive upgrades and your website visitors can enjoy faster video playback.
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