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Object Storage, Objectively

MojoCloud S3-Compatible Object Storage may be the perfect solution for your small and large data storage needs. While it is scalable and very economical, it is the way images, videos and other static content will be stored in the future.
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Early Bird Happy Hour at TES with Good Mojo and free drinks

Arriving early for The European Summit? Don't be a stranger, come to the MojoCloud Early Bird Happy Hour on September 12th and start your networking before the conference kicks off. Free drinks, delightful company and a guarantee of new connections in a friendly setting – it's practically a reason to re-book your tickets to arrive on the 12th if your current itinerary makes you miss the pre-party.
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Epic party at TES: 20 Years of Good Mojo!

Are you ready for the Good Mojo time of your life? Hosting is what we do best, and we are hosting an amazing party during The European Summit on September 13th, 2019. Get ready for excellent music that will make your body want to move, bottomless drinks to help you relax after a busy day of networking, and a jovial atmosphere with a whole lot of Good Mojo!
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CDN MojoHost

CDN: Place Your Content Worldwide

Businesses use CDNs to ensure the swiftness of data delivery and improve the performance of their web properties. Consumers appreciate when businesses use a CDN, though they may not always be aware of it because it ensures that their experience on a website is flawless.
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Latency: What is It & How to Avoid It

In networking, latency refers to the delay on the network between when a user clicks on something and when the information actually shows up on the page. Most people get frustrated after just a few seconds of latency, so this number is very important to keep as low as possible.
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