Cisco Networking

Performance and Peace of Mind with the Best Network

The hardware MojoHost uses for routing and switching is just one component that seperates MojoHost from virtually all other companies competing for your business. We are proud to have our core networking powered entirely by Cisco. Routing and switching is done at wire speed with our pair of Cisco Catalyst 6509 units that we own, operate and maintain. They feature the latest Supervisor Engine SUP720-3BXL and 10G fiber, 1G copper and 1G fiber line cards. This high capacity, industry leading gear provides just about the best performance that money can buy. Every client server enjoys access to both Cisco Catalyst 6509s that is only one distribution switch away. This setup accomplishes our goal of providing every client with true wire speed performance since all functions operate seamlessly with redundant connectivity.

Most hosts have multiple layers of switches and routers between actual client servers and their upstream connection. We believe this scenario introduces multiple points of failure and can introduces latency at each additional 'hop' in the chain. At MojoHost we deploy a single distribution switch between your server(s) and both core Catalysts for redundancy. Achieving a high port density in quality equipment such as the Cisco 6509 is expensive. Many hosts prefer instead to use multiple pieces of inexpensive hardware to accomplish the same end goal of connectivity. This sacrifices performance and reliability but ultimately delivers them a substantial savings.

We know the speed and availability of your web sites is important. Your livelihood is protected by our ongoing investment in creating the absolute best network performance and reliability.

Business fact and fiction can be hard to separate when you're shopping for a host located in a distant city. Our advice is that when pricing seems to good to be true, it often is. We believe our core routing and BGP solutions (Internap FCP 5200), valued at over $500,000 total, demonstrates a clear commitment to our clients. Quality network equipment is simply one part of providing a superior solution. MojoHost has you covered in this regard!