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What Exactly Is Good Mojo?

Since our start in 1999, MojoHost has worked diligently to do more than offer generic hosting solutions. Our clients’ and friends’ businesses range in size from new startups to established major brands, and each customer has their own set of unique needs. We focus on finding the near term and long term goals of each client, so we can custom tailor hosting solutions that exceed expectations now, while scaling seamlessly into the future. That’s why we don’t require any kind of long-term contracts.

We don’t lock our clients in, because we know that with the right kind of effort we can ensure our clients voluntarily choose to use MojoHost for decades. That feeling we can only get from a client choosing to continue working with us because of the trust we have earned from them is the epitome of Good Mojo!

Performance Networking

MojoHost’s Autonomous System Number (ASN) is 27589. If you’d like to look up what our network looks like, please be our guest! We are directly connected with the largest telecommunications providers in the world and two major peering exchanges. Our flagship site features 510 gigabit of network connectivity, full redundancy, blazing speed, and rock-solid reliability.

Love Your Support

With 23 full-time server admins spanning 7 time zones and an average of 7 years experience each, we take care of your infrastructure and find solutions around the clock to keep your business operating online at peak efficiency every time. Most importantly, we only hire the best. The desire to solve our clients’ problems is the main quality we look for in our team members.

Content Migration

Migration to MojoHost’s servers is always free and available for you. Whether you’re moving a single VPS or an entire array of hundreds of servers, our support team helps make it all happen. Simply provide access and watch your data get transferred securely. Migration does not require a management plan, so all customers can get help making MojoHost their business’s new home.

Good Company

We do not host spammers, phishers or other illegal operations. MojoHost curates the client base to ensure that all the residents of this neighborhood mean serious business. You will not have to worry about working alongside those who compromise the network. Our clients are rock-solid, and if you fit the description – we’d love to have you on board.

Superior Hardware

We don’t cut corners. We believe that quality is important and always chose the most reliable, high-end hardware. There are many ways a hosting company can reduce its costs – by choosing cheaper and less fail-proof products – from LAN cables to hard drives and to CPUs. We have no interest in saving money at the expense of quality.

Safety First

MojoHost’s experienced monitoring team works 24/7/365 to ensure that your sites are at their best. We will notice and resolve any issues before any of your customers notice even a slight problem. We will be the first to know about a DDOS, hack attempt or any other issue that may cause down time and loss of revenue.

Support and Management Plans

Find the plan that works best for you, or reach out and we’ll help you make the right choice.

Gold Support

$29 on VPS or $99.00 on Dedicated Server

The Gold support plan covers the needs of those customers who prefer to do most day-to-day server management on their own, but want to be able to request assistance in situations that are beyond basic sysadmin abilities. If simple tasks like managing ftp accounts or email settings is something you’d rather do yourself, but want to involve our team for software updates, load-balancing configuration and other more complex operations, then the Gold Support plan is the right choice for you. This plan is often selected alongside a GUI control panel such as DirectAdmin.

This plan includes:
  • 1 Hour SLA
  • On-Demand Assistance
  • Up to 60 Minutes Advanced Support
  • System Patching Included

Diamond Support – Fully Managed and Monitored

$69 on VPS or $199.00 on Dedicated Server

The Diamond plan is a full management plan, meaning that you will never have to worry about the number of requests you put in or have to put in very many as we will proactively take care of any issues before they arise. If ever you need anything at all, you would only have to drop us a ticket and we’ll take care of it, first-priority. The Diamond plan is an equivalent of hiring an experienced, full-time server administrator who never sleeps or has weekends. We are here for you 24/7 and will take care of anything you need.

This plan includes:
  • 30 Minute SLA
  • Full Management Concierge Service
  • Up to 90 Minutes Advanced Support
  • Monitoring
  • Automatic Break-Fix Response
  • White Glove Move Assistance
  • System Patching
  • Ksplice Kernal Patching
  • REQUIRES CentOS or Rocky Linux 8
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