First Class Support

Our pledge to customers is to provide quality hosting and excellent customer support. You will have 24-7 access to ALL levels of our staff in the event any needs arise. We are proud to employ the hardest working technicians in the business and guarantee them to always be on the other end of the phone when you call. Personalized support is what MojoHost is all about! When you need us most we will absolutely be available, working relentlessly so that your business is uninterrupted.

Established clients are given unfettered and personal access to the owner of MojoHost 24 hours daily. As a client you will have at your discretion the ability to reach him at any hour of the day and night, live and instantaneously by phone.

Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee!


"As all you webmasters know your host is just about the most important part of your business and if you're like me you have bounced around from host to host trying to find the right host that is willing to go the extra mile to find the best solution for you. After being in business for 4 years and having gone through 3 different hosts, I finally found a hosting company willing to go the extra mile to help ensure the success of my company. One of the hardest things to do when changing hosts is having a painless move. Mojohost assigned a tech to me and had me up and running the same day. I will say this: no matter what problems I have run into they are fixed immediately, no matter the time of day or night. Having a host as stable as Mojohost allows me and my guys to focus all of our efforts to getting more traffic and to making more money. You want a great host thats gonna take care of you? Then look no further than Mojohost." Brian Peters CEO, College Downtime LLC

"I think that I must have had the second server that mojohost ever set up. I have never regretted my decison to wait the month that Brad needed to get going. I have had nothing but outstanding service from everybody at mojohost. Even during the blackout that put 50 million people in the dark my server continued to run on backup power. I never had a minute of downtime or lost a dime." Tim O., Digital Icons

"Great service, low prices and quick tech support 24/7. What else does a webmaster need to say? My livelihood depends on the web and I depend on MojoHost!" Michael B.

Just wanted to let you know that you have no idea how much I appreciate the quick action taken by you and Corey to bail us out of a really bad situation with our other host. I knew from past hosting with you that your crew is top notch but it was refreshing to be able to sit on the phone with Corey and have him put the final tweaks on the server last night as soon as dns was propagated. We've already received several emails this morning from clients commenting on the improved load times of their websites...awesome!

I was extremely impressed when I received an email from Corey on saturday evening letting us know the new server was up and ready for data transfer only 5 or 6 hours after talking with you. Had you guys not had your fingers on the pulse we would have ended up with an exodus of clients due to the third outage in 6 weeks so again, this was huge! Shawn M.

"Outstanding service from outstanding people. I have been with MojoHost for a few months now and have had 100% up time and extremely fast responses to my support tickets." Dennis C.

"Working with MojoHost for the past year has been a pleasant surprise. The service has been excellent in all required instances and they've never let me down. Very responsive, full of great ideas, and their expansions have been very well managed." Scott D.

"Server setup and implementation could not have gone any smoother. Great customer support. By far the best experience I've had with managed hosting thus far. I've recommended you guys to countless friends and business associated. Keep up the great work." Kel Hagedorn, Tanis Enterprises Inc

"The guys at MojoHost are great, I mean, how many people do you know will get out of the shower at 7am to see why your webserver process has gone down! We're a UK based company and that's exactly the sort of service we need from a hosting company. We don't hesitate to recommend MojoHost." Simon Crabb, Red Claw Ventures

"We use ten of the top hosting companies and MojoHost is up at the top of the list..The service turnaround is excellent." Nick Whiting