Service Guarantee

The best you will find amongst all hosts is a service guarantee which gives you discounts based on a mathematical formula. It will crudely and inadequately reimburse you. You will not feel vindicated with any such "Service Level Agreement". It is true that every host disclaims themselves from all liability including your loss of business, revenue and data. In this respect, we are no different. In every other respect, however, we are unique.

Your business needs to be up, all the time. You should be satisfied with the support and respect you receive. Your needs, even when they become extraordinary, should be met with a true effort by your provider.

In the event your expectations of MojoHost are not met, we go far beyond legalese and cheap mathematical formulas to achieve your satisfaction. If your organization requires a documented Service Level Agreement we are happy to furnish one upon request. Otherwise, keep reading.

The philosophy that drives MojoHost customer satisfaction is our overwhelming belief that as a host we must create significant good will with every client relationship large and small. We must create such value and deliver such personal response that you will begin to appreciate us as both a friend and ally in the growth of your online business. Overwhelmingly, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. If we miss the target, which occasionally happens, you can rest assured we will take every step up to to "make it right" in every situation.

Service Disclaimer: No backup plan is 100% guaranteed, nor do we make any such guarantee; but having a backup plan in place and having redundant backup solutions will assure you of the best possible chances for the least amount of data-loss and downtime. The purpose of these plans is to improve the chances of data recovery in the event of a failure resulting in data loss. By maintaining copies of critical data in various locations, the likelihood of recovery in the event of a failure is much greater than possible otherwise.