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Hosting Products We’re Proud Of

From Dedicated Servers to Virtual Private Servers, from Cloud to CDN solutions – MojoHost will have your needs covered, satisfaction guaranteed. What server admins call five-9 service, meaning 99.999% Network Uptime Guarantee, is a metric we pride ourselves in.

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Dedicated Servers

All servers are highly customizable and built to your specifications using enterprise grade components. They include your choice of configurable options for RAM, hard drives, solid state drives, network adaptor, operating system, control panel, support, and more. MojoHost’s dedicated servers Include free remote reboot access, free console access, and free future operating system re-installation and free always-on DDOS protection built in. Seamless WAN and LAN provisioning with extensive upgrade potential.

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VPS with NVMe

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) using all high-performance Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe) for blazing fast speed. NVMe are widely popular for a number of reasons. Besides improved read and write speeds, these are more fail-safe as they do not have moving parts.

These are a great choice for solutions geared towards speed, yet not requiring a vast amount of space. NVMe VPS accounts are often used in conjunction with Cloud Hosting to deliver affordable and efficient hosting solutions.

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Content Delivery Network

Deliver your media fast from points of presence around the world with our global CDN service, MojoCDN. We work with some of the most esteemed providers to give you high-quality service, at great prices.

All plans include full integration and ongoing support for easy deployment and maintenance. Special offers are available for those looking to test the waters and assess the value of CDN to their business.

Please inquire about high volume plans and special pricing needs.

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If you prefer owning your servers, Co-Location with MojoHost is a great option. We can tailor a space and power offer at either of our Data Centers: Equinix’s Miami NAP of the Americas in the US, one of the best locations to deliver to both North and South America, and Evoswitch in the Netherlands, built in Europe’s largest networking hub.

Both Data Centers maintain the highest standards of security as well as redundancy of resources and have large peering exchanges.

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Find your new domain name or transfer one you own and enjoy great savings. Register your domain with MojoHost, and you will never have to worry about its price increase over the years, or being locked in for transfers.

We believe that owning a domain should be easy and transparent, so you will not find fine print or hidden charges. Our pricing is highly competitive and each domain comes with WHOIS privacy at no extra cost. That’s Good Mojo!

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Website Security

MojoShield is an amazing and affordable way to protect your websites from DDOS and other attacks.

MojoShield not only protects against Layer 7 DDOS attacks, it will also combat cross-site scripting (making it impossible to implant client-side scripts into your websites’ pages),  blocks malicious automatic traffic, deters unauthorized SQL injections and defends your websites from the Top 10 threats identified by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

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Upgradable Features

MojoHost’s servers don’t just come in set configurations. Dedicated servers can be tailored to fit your needs. VPS accounts also allow for some flexibility, and they’re easily upgradable when the need arises. We make sure that you have a wide variety of options and settings to pick and choose from, and if you’re not clear on what you need – reach out to us and we’ll customize a configuration that’s right for you!

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Upgradable Drives

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Quantity of IPs

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& More


Our team has worked hard to simplify your life. This is why we have wholesale agreements with many of the most common server plugins and add-ons, which saves you time and effort of installing them.

Simply check a box to add Wowza Media Server, SendFaster, ProxyPass by Proxygence, Softaculous, Fantastico and more, and the software will automatically be installed on your shiny new machine. Neat, huh? Just wait! Because we have agreements with many of these companies, this will save you up to 50% of the cost on some of the add-ons. That’s what we call Good Mojo!

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Wowza Media Systems offers high-quality software to improve your video and live streaming. If your website needs this service, you can easily add it to your server during checkout at a special, discounted rate. Build professional-grade streaming infrastructure with Wowza Streaming Engine server software, through MojoHost!

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SendFaster is revolutionary TCP acceleration software that uses a blend of cutting edge TCP congestion control algorithms to achieve consistently fast and stable performance across a range of links, from 2G to Fiber. It is particularly suited to delivering data across congested and wireless links, which most of your users have.

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ProxyPass by Proxigence

ProxyPass is an Apache module that defends web sites against members-area attacks and violations. Designed to protect both single servers and load-balanced clusters, ProxyPass is the only enterprise-class solution that helps put an end to brute-force cracking and compromised account abuse.



Ant Media Server is a streaming engine software that provides adaptive, ultra low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology with ~0.5 seconds latency. Ant Media Server is highly scalable both horizontally and vertically. It can run on-premise or on-cloud.



Elevated X provides content management system (CMS) software designed for building and managing adult web sites. Powering more than 2000 sites and in business since 2006, the Elevated X adult CMS is the adult entertainment industry’s leading adult CMS platform.


Mech Bunny

PHP7 Support, Responsive Template, Mobile Compatibility, Cloud Storage Support. Video Conversion. API Integrations. Virtual Reality. Live Template Switching. Features: CDN/Content Delivery Network, Video Conversion, Multi-Language.


Buran CMS

Buran has a long list of built-in features, including logical site structure – main page, niche pages, video pages, categories listing, actors listings; as well as comprehensive settings, tools, and statistics. Their main goal is keeping the script fast, reliable, and easy to manage.

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