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At MojoHost, Natalie’s job is to take on anything required to develop the business, so duties are quite varied. From sales and marketing to HR and team building, she handles what needs to be done and is not afraid of the responsibility that comes with showing initiative.

Natalie has a Master’s degree in Journalism but decided to flee the profession after realizing how politicized it was. Largely uninterested in politics, she instead chooses to learn about science and art. Astrophysics is a favorite, but she will gladly read or watch movies about computing, biology, history, chemistry, or even applied mathematics. If she goes to the movies, you can pretty much bet it’s something about superheroes.

Now she wears many hats, the 2 most wide-brimmed of those are MojoHost’s business development manager and mom. Natalie’s daughter is going on 5 years of age so that hat is getting more and more fun every day.

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