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Oksana L MojoHost

Oksana started her IT experience with frontend development and then switched to support and systems engineering. She particularly enjoys helping people, not only staring at code. She is thrilled by cloud solutions and everything related to virtualization. Oksana is convinced that soon our lives will completely depend on cloud technologies.
The first female sysadmin at MojoHost likes traveling, dogs, and the seaside. Her biggest dream is to live somewhere near the sea, regardless of exactly where, just that the sea coast should be there.
Oksana’s old hobby is jazz-funk dancing. It’s a very cool style that synthesizes many other traditional dance forms into its own unique moves. That combination makes it so fun and expressive, soft and hard at once. Oksana has tons of funk-videos that she began to collect what seems like an eternity ago: from different movies, festivals, competitions. She enjoys watching these with friends from the sports club she’s part of, to re-create the moves, or develop them to achieve something new and authentic.

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