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Happy Sysadmin Day

When we think of a Systems Administrator, some of us imagine a shy, nerdy guy with glasses. Others, who have had more experience with sysadmins ,imagine a bearded man in front of half a dozen monitors, who seems to have grown roots and become part of his hardware setup. In truth – sysadmins come in all shapes and sizes, all genders and appearances. Here at MojoHost, we employ nearly 3 dozen senior systems administrators, and we know this for a fact.

Appearance and mental images aside, the traits all true systems administrators share, though, are the unwavering dedication to making the Internet better, and mastery of all things infrastructure.

Those who rule the inner workings of the Internet aren’t often mentioned when startup projects flourish or things run smoothly. Sysadmins are often left in the sidelines unfairly. Through their hard work, thousands of digital businesses succeed. Today is SysAdmin appreciation day, and while we are busy cheering on our own team members, we would like to remind you to take a moment to give your infrastructure guru a pat on the back!

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